The Jackobins – ‘The Otherside’ Review

It’s a blissful indie-pop anthem with ‘The Otherside’, newest single by Liverpool’s The Jackobins. It’s an odd one to pin down in terms of comparisons, as it fluctuates between sounding like U2 and sounding like Fallout Boy. So for the sake of ease, there are no comparisons. This is The Jackobins, and this is ‘The Otherside’.

Military drum marches litter the track, rolling on the dominating bassline and an assortment of tasty guitar riffs that span everything from garage alt-rock to stadium-commanding indie. It’s a powerful song that demands that you listen to it, and makes it impossible for you not to get into it.

It’s a magnificent track of soaring vocals and gliding guitars, and one worth listening to if you’re keen on hearing a band set for big things. But y’know, that pre-hype hipster fetish isn’t for everyone, and those not keen on that should definitely not look below and stream the track.


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