Bi:Lingual – ‘Subject Number’ Review

Bring together the aggression and big choruses of alt-rock and rap, and you’re on your way to imagining the sound of Bi:Lingual. Debut single ‘Subject Number’ is a brutal track that brings back vivid memories of Rage Against The Machine. It’s great.

The words are spat with bile and venom, cutting through the mix with a ballsy vocal performance attacking the music industry. And on a backdrop of distorted guitars and muscular drums, this makes for a track that is so in your face that you have no choice but to get into it and enjoy every second of it.

Something has to be said for the guitar solo of the track, too. It’s a blistering Morello-esque solo that is intense, but provides a welcome break from the all-out brutality of the rest of the track. And it also completes the Rage Against The Machine comparisons that you’re likely to be drawing by this point in the track.

But make no mistake, this isn’t RATM. This is Bi:Lingual, a band set for big things if this single is anything to go off. The single is released on August 4, and you can pre-order it here.


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