Kosoti – ‘Bark And Sticks’ Review


It’s a nice indie-folk ballad to growing up and settling down from Kosoti with new track ‘Bark And Sticks’. And it’s got some sublime harmonies and a sweet upbeat melody too, just to sweeten the deal.

The track opens as it means to go on: acoustic strums and some beautiful vocal harmonies that entice you in. From the offset, it’s pretty easy to dismiss this track as “just another folk track”. I mean, vocal harmonies are pretty commonplace nowadays, right? That’s true, but you probably won’t hear vocal harmonies as good as this. The contrasting vocal lines, slightly-raspy male and silky-smooth female, weave a textured harmony with multiple layers of enjoyment.

‘Bark And Sticks’ is a little more indie-edged than a lot of other folk songs you’ll hear. Combining sweet folk harmonies and picked guitars with an infectious rhythm section makes for a great listen, and throw in an inspirational message and it just pushes the song to the next level.

Fans of Damien Rice and Ben Howard will definitely be into this, and it’s safe to say that any music lover will be able to enjoy this as the chilled out piece that it is. It’s out September 29.



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