No Devotion – ‘Stay’ Review

Rising triumphantly from the blackened ashes of Lostprophets is No Devotion, and their debut single ‘Stay’ is a roundhouse kick to the face of everybody willing to dismiss the band based on their affiliation with a character not worth thinking on.

If anything will break the shackles of the Lostprophets story, it’s ‘Stay’. It’s a atmospheric electro-punk piece that is so far removed from the sound of Lostprophets that it actually has more in common with Danger Days-era My Chemical Romance. Fronted by former-Thursday singer Geoff Rickly, the song has a powerful vocal that flicks between emotional and relaxed; raw and fragile.

The pummelling energy of the drums throughout the track makes this ready for inclusion in any rock club night, with overdriven guitars paving the way for the vocal line to work its magic. It’s a track perfectly constructed in every way to be as widely enjoyable as possible, and it succeeds at this – especially with he chorus, which sits in the middle of the musical venn diagram of ‘danceable’ and ‘anthemic’.

This is no attempt to recreate the sound of Lostprophets and revive the band. And this is no shambolic stab at trying something new. This is No Devotion – a separate entity with its own sound, merits and identity. And one that is definitely worth checking out as soon as possible.


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