Cymbals Eat Guitars – ‘Chamber’ Review

‘Chamber’ is the explosive new track from US indie-rockers Cymbals Eat Guitars, paving the way for their upcoming third album ‘LOSE’. And it’s a great way to set everything going.

A crunchy guitar pushes the track forward while reverb-soaked lead lines dance around it, with the crashing drums and subtle bassline making sure everthing flows smoothly. It’s a well-constructed indie-rock gem, one that will put the band in a perfect position when ‘LOSE’ is officially released.

And it’s also a refreshing listen. Cymbals Eat Guitars are experimental enough with song form and delivery that this doesn’t feel like “just another indie song”. It’s a heartfelt, summery piece of guitar-driven music that stands out based on it’s own merits and not because it sounds just like some other band that you like. From the soaring cadences of the main lead riff to the sweet semi-snarling vocals that close the final chorus, this is a piece of music that fits comfortably into a genre without borrowing heavily from time-tested cliche.

You can listen to the track below.


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