Ben Reaves – ‘The Soul And The Soil’ Review

Prepare for our shortest ever review on this site. No, really, it’s short.

Ben Reaves’ ‘The Soul And The Soil’ is a minimalistic guitar-led piece that is very emotionally ambient. It’s instrumental, and what you take from this song is what you want to. It’s a piece that is, without a doubt, very personal to the artist and is likely to be just as personal to the listener.

It’s a transcendental piece of joyous self-discovery, and it’s a moody piece of soul-devouring self-loathing and ugliness. This song is whatever you want it to be. As art should be, and as I believe instrumental music should always aim to be. Have a listen below and feel free to tell us how this track makes you feel. Consider it like musical therapy.



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