Benin City – ‘Bus’ Review

Benin City have never disappointed us, and have always got a space reserved in our hearts. Which is actually more scary than reassuring, because the way of the universe suggests that sooner or later there’s a good chance Benin City will produce something which will break our hearts.

But that sorry situation shows no signs of happening any time soon. In preparation for the release of their ‘Midnight Malarky’ EP on June 23 (we reviewed it here), the band premiered ‘Bus’ over on The Line Of Best Fit not too long ago and it’s also up on their Soundcloud. And it’s just the type of colourful genre-blur that we’ve come to love from the band.

The band’s poetry floats over the top of a hectic drumbeat and synths that are equal parts intense and dreamy, producing a perfect piece of juxtaposition that is instantly enjoyable and easily memorable. It takes a special type of artistry to make a track named after the most dreary form of public transport sound upbeat, exciting and reflective.

The reflective element of the song is what makes the title seem ideal. We’ve all had those moments when stuck on public transport: you gaze out the window and get locked into a mind of self-realisation and life-affirming epiphanies. This track is the soundtrack to those moments, perfectly summarising and with a much better chorus hook than your mind.

It’s celebratory, reflective and it packs a powerful chorus vocal hook, not to mention the exceptional vocal performance in the bridge. Get on listening to it, now. You can buy the track here.

You can also check out the video to Benin City’s gritty ‘My Love’ here, and our review of their phenomenal ‘Wha Gwan’ here.


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