Courtly Love – ‘For Your Love, I Get High’ Review

While ‘Mirage’ soars confidently in skies of swirling psychedelia, the single’s B-Side ‘For Your Love, I Get High’ plods along the ground like a lumbering psychedelic dinosaur. It’s a very insular sounding track, one that contrasts and compliments the A-Side single while also being powerful enough to stand on its own.

Whereas ‘Mirage’ draws a lot of it’s vocal prowess from the duet style delivery, this track is delivered solely by Lana Del Rey-reminiscent female vocals. The vocals are definitely the highlight of this track, with the ideal blend of breathless passion and well-worn haziness making this track effortlessly cool.

That’s not to undervalue the instrumentation though. The guitar lead serves us a tasty mix of psychedelia, blues and 90’s Britpop that somehow seems to not sound dated. Combine this with the constant plucked riff, a subtle bass line and an endless shaker and you have a perfect piece of psychedelia.

It’s hard to fault this track, other than it’s over in little over two minutes and leaves you wanting more. Luckily, we all know where the replay button is.

The track is released on 7″ on June 2 along with A-Side ‘Mirage’ (review here), but you can listen to the track here.


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