Interview: Alex Moir


Birmingham-based indie artist Alex Moir recently stunned us with his upbeat summer tune ‘Like Ted Dexter’. So we had a few words with the man himself about who he is and his material.

Tell us a bit about who you are and how you got into music?
I’m Alex Moir. I’m writer and a musician. I believe that music and lyrics transcend any other form of communication. I first got involved in music when I heard some class mates playing at school and thought “I could do that a lot better.” So I did.

What’s the songwriting process like for you?
I always have my phone ready to take down lines. Whether I’ve just seen a girl fall down some stairs in hilarious fashion at a bar, or whether I’ve just seen my dog try to bark at himself in the mirror. It’s with me. And I write down every little ridiculous thing that comes into my mind. I then like to sit down with my guitar and just see what happens. The amount of shit that comes out is unreal, but you have to keep going. It’s frustrating, but when you get it right, the whole world seems heavenly.

Who are your biggest influences?
Depending on what song I’m writing, the influences vary wildly. I don’t have any particular musical influences, which is why my genre is so haphazard. I prefer to take influence from situations and write directly about them. If the song turns out to be the way it is musically, it’s because somewhere along the way my ears told me that the music compliments the lyrical content… or something like that.

Your song ‘Like Ted Dexter’ is a fantastic summer tune. What inspired the song and is there a story behind it?
I wrote the song after listening to Empire of the Sun for many hours in the early mornings of last summer. Musically, it’s a mild nod in their direction. Lyrically however, it’s about starting fresh but keeping in mind all of your success up to that point. It’s a “keep on keeping on,” kinda vibe. The name of the track originates from when my manager told me it had knocked him for six, “Like Ted Dexter” (famous English cricketer) would do for England.

Having listened to your other material, I’ve noticed a upbeat vibe runs throughout. How do you manage to make your songs so cheery sounding?
As a young and naive 14-17 year old, I wrote many dreary sounding “one man and his guitar” songs. It was very much “Me against the world”. The world isn’t like that though, now I see things very much as me being “with” the world, as opposed to against it. It’s too hard to be negative, it’s a lot easier and fulfilling to be positive.

You’ve got quite a lot of teaser tracks on your Soundcloud – when will the full versions of these songs be available?
Autumn 2014.

Your songs have full instrumentation, such as guitars and drums. As a solo musician, how do you carry these songs over into a live scenario?
At the moment, I play solo with just an acoustic guitar. I enjoy this though, as I feel so in tune with myself. I’ve played over 800 gigs all over the country at so many different venues, both terrible and amazing, and that’s served me well. I can go anywhere and perform, I don’t need to wait for the guitarist to tune up, or for the drummer to sort out his sticks…

What’s next for you?
Writing. Gigging. Recording. I want to establish more of a connection with people though. Now I know my work is valid and people appreciate it, I have the strength to think “Ok, this is what people want. So I’ll make it for them.”

You can check out Alex Moir’s music here.

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