The Shy Lips – ‘That’s Where I Belong’ Review

Sometimes you just need a good indie-rock track to put you in the right mood. And Sweden’s The Shy Lips sure know how to make good indie-rock tracks. Fans of The Strokes, rejoice – this will be right up your street.

‘That’s Where I Belong’ is the band’s second release in a month, and it’s definitely welcomed. Most indie bands make the error of trying too hard to either write an anthem or to make their music seem cool, and you can usually tell this from listening. The Shy Lips run no such risk here, producing a track that is effortlessly cool in it’s own way and that doesn’t try too hard to be sung along to – which in turn makes you want to do so.

The band are drenched in indie-rock stereotype – there’s jangly guitars wrapped in a slight overdrive, subtly complicated bass lines, pounding drums and it has its fair share of “ooh” sounds. But this doesn’t cheapen the experience, as few indie bands manage to pull off the stereotypes so well. It can be criticised for fitting so perfectly into a mould, but it does so well enough that we can all forgive them for it.

You can listen to the single here.


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