Twin Cities – ‘I’ll Wait For You’ Review

Ever heard of Twin Cities? No? That’s hardly surprising – the band’s new to the scene, so new that their first demo, ‘I’ll Wait For You’, only dropped on Soundcloud yesterday. But it’s so good a first track that I thought it deserves a good write up.
Beginning with pounding drums that ooze with primal energy, the chiming lead guitars of the track soon join and catch your interest. It’s hard to say whether this is done by a particularly powerful hook or the nice little bit of panning magic that happens: either way, it’s now got your attention and it will hold it.

Incorporating a nice quiet-loud dynamic, Twin Cities show everybody that they know how to structure a song and they know how to hold your attention for as long as they want to – which in this instance is five enjoyable minutes of indie-rock goodness.

There’s little in the way of surprises in the track, which is both a blessing and a curse. The track keeps you listening as it goes through fairly predictable rises and falls, which deserves a mention in itself. But this predictability makes the track quite safe and tame – there’s no unexpected and explosive surprise sections, and not an awful lot of deviation from the established structure.

Room for improvement aside, this is a commendable first effort from the band and one that will attract a lot of attention from indie fans. They couldn’t have asked for a better first demo. You can listen to it here.


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