Beaty Heart – Lekka Freakout Review

Image courtesy of Brace Yourself PR.

‘Lekka Freakout’ is the wonderfully weird new single by psych-pop trio Beaty Heart. And I can’t stress the words “wonderfully weird” enough here.

The track begins with a instrumentation that seems strikingly reminiscent of something you’d expect to hear at a circus. And when the opening line of “He doesn’t play too well / because he has no thumbs / but he sings in time / when hears those drums” comes in, you truly realise how strange this whole experience is.

And it gets no more normal from there, I’m afraid. The lyrical content of the song is strange, and the instrumentation is consistently bouncy and sounds very light-hearted. But in spite of all this, it is an undeniably catchy track and one that gets you really wanting to sing along.

As the song slowly draws to a close, we hear the song grow even more anthemic. In fact, the track runs dangerously close to seeming a bit desperate to get people to sing along. And that is my only criticism of this track: the final, chanting-inducing section is quite transparent and seems a bit too flimsy to warrant a singalong.

Overall, a good track from Beaty Heart and one that I believe you should check out if you’re into light-hearted music that genuinely feels fun.

The track will be released as a single on November 11.


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