Cave Painting – It Was Me, It Was You Review

Cave Painting have always had a quite ethereal sound, and new song ‘It Was Me, It Was You’ is no different. In fact, it revels in the sound the band have established and takes it to a whole new level.

The track is very shoegaze-meets-chillwave, with relaxing swells of guitars and melancholy-tinged vocals that ring across a spacious soundscape. Cave Painting have always had a knack for sounding like their tracks are ringing out in an infinite expanse, and this track follows suit wonderfully.

The track could easily fit right onto their debut album ‘Votive Life’, with a sound that would make easy bedfellows with the other tracks. But the special thing about this track is that it sounds perfectly complete in it’s own right: it has the fantastic intro that creates the atmosphere, it has the bulk of the track that capitalises on this atmosphere and it has the final instrumental section that comes back from the edge of silence to create a shoegaze-esque reprise of colossal proportions.

With it’s sound that combines Band Of Horses with Neil Young and Coldplay, all while remaining distinctly Cave Painting, this is a track that fans will love and that will garner some new attention for the band. A great track, and one that I recommend.

You can listen to the track here.

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