The Assist – Control Review

The newest track by West Midlands outfit The Assist shows the tremendous amount of talent that the band have and is one that you should definitely look out for.

‘Control’ demonstrates everything that makes The Assist a band that you should keep on your radar. This track is driven predominately by a powerful bass groove that will inspire you to move, while the guitar and drum sections are perfectly composed to provide little more than a complete sound. This is a track that has one simple mission: to get the audience moving. And it achieves this wonderfully with it’s understated guitar, driving bass and effective vocal melody.

Something that instantly stands out is the attitude and delivery of the vocals. This time around, the band are much more confident than in previous recordings. The vocals are soaked in confidence and swagger that work well with the concise instrumentation.

This is a track that is hard to flaw. It’s one that will definitely gather a lot of interest in the band for the future and is also one that will cause a lot of fans to eagerly await the first proper release (single, EP, etc) from the band. It’s really quite an exciting prospect to think of how a higher quality studio recording of this track could breathe even more energy and life into it. And that’s what I’m most excited for.

A great track that I highly recommend you all check out. You can listen to the track here.



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