Supakid + Go – You Get Me Review

London producer duo Supakid + Go are here with their debut track, ‘You Get Me’, alongside guest vocalist Ana Santos. But despite it being a track made by two producers, it doesn’t quite hit the marks that you’d hope a debut track to.

‘You Get Me’ is a fairly intense bass track, complete with everything you would expect from a bass track. And that is the key issue for me with this track: it’s set into the bass genre, it does little to stand out from the hordes of other tracks of the same genre. Yes, it’s well produced, but that doesn’t make this track stand out. Even the vocal hooks, well done as they may be, are easily forgotten.

The track is one that would very easily fit into a club playlist, but is very much a filler track. People may enjoy it while it is on, but it’s not one that will inspire them to go out and find out what the track is. It’s a shame, really, as this track seems to have a lot of potential that could have been worked with to make something – even if it was only a fleeting moment – that stood out from the ordinary. But this potential hasn’t been fully realised and it lead this track to become one that is far too ordinary.

This is a track that will definitely go down well in clubs, but I’d be surprised if it was remembered for very long.


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