Introducing…Vox Atomic

Image courtesy of the band's facebook page.
For the first ‘Introducing…’ of 2013, I thought that nobody deserved it more than Vox Atomic. Vox Atomic is a musician from Austin, Texas who focuses solely on producing electronic music – predominately in a live scenario.

There really isn’t a lot to say about Vox Atomic, other than that he produces fantastic works of electronic music from a variety of electronic genres and subgenres. But one of the main reasons I selected this particular musician is that the video below blew me away. I thought that it took a lot of skill to pull off something so difficult and make it sound good. It just goes to show just how talented he is.

This is the video that blew me away. It is a cover of Flux Pavilion’s ‘I Can’t Stop’.


You can listen to more from Vox Atomic here.

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