Picks Of The Week 13

This week has been all over the place musically. A great unsigned rock band disbanded at the start of the week and another parted ways with it’s singer a few days later. Both bands make an appearance in this week’s Picks Of The Week, alongside a whole host of other great acts.
This week it was difficult to select a good variety, but I persevered and am happy to present to you the thirteenth edition of Picks Of The Week!

1. Dole – Missing Andy

Genre: Indie

Dole‘ is an older song by Missing Andy, first appearing as a b-side to their single ‘Dave‘. But regardless of the fact that it’s a B-side, it is still a highly recommended track. It is acoustic and shows the band on top form, doing something subtly different to their usual style. It’s definitely worth a listen if you like indie music and Missing Andy themselves.

You can listen to the track here.

2. Memories – Leeroy

Genre: Trance; Electronic

No images were available for Leeroy. Leeroy is a trance producer from Derby and ‘Memories’ is a fine track to introduce you to him. Though it begins in typical trance fashion, a mellow keyboard melody is soon introduced to the mix – completely contrasting with the building trance energy of the rest of the instrumentation. And this makes the track stand out in the unsigned trance scene. Take a listen; it’s most definitely worth it.

You can listen to the track here.

3. 4 Dreams – The Black Apples

Genre: Rock ‘N’ Roll

‘4 Dreams’ is a fantastic out-and-out rock song by The Black Apples. But have we really come to expect anything less? With a fast-paced and simple lead riff, accompanied by powerful vocals and driving drums, the band hit you hard and get you dancing to their commendable hook. A great track by a great band that will be sorely missed.

You can listen to the track here.

4. High Wire – Pretentious Class

Genre: Rock; Alternative

‘High Wire’ is Pretentious Class at their best. A great vocal performance by former-frontman Tom Wilkinson forms the basis of this song, on which skillful guitar solos and a tight rhythm section build to make the song stand out. A personal favourite and one that I’m eager to hear how new vocalist Luke Smith pulls off.

You can listen to the track here.

5. Wunderbars – Mini Mansions

Genre: Art-Rock; Cinematic Rock

Mini Mansions are something special indeed. They’re a rock band that take influence from cinematic music, slowmotion music and many other styles that would seem a bit strange. And when you listen to ‘Wunderbars‘ from their eponymous debut album, these influences become very obvious. It’s a strange yet compelling song that bears similarity to the work of Mansun. It’s an interesting piece of music that you should all listen to. It’s highly addictive.

You can listen to the track here.

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