Tom Wilkinson Leaves Pretentious Class

Image courtesy of the band's facebook page.

Tom Wilkinson has left alt-rockers Pretentious Class.

The band announced on Facebook earlier today that they had parted ways with the frontman due to “musical differences“. They also made sure to disparage the idea of the band breaking up.

The post read:

It is with regret that we are too part ways with Tom as our Main man and Vocalist.
We have had a great year and a load of laughs as a band and it is only due to musical differences that we are saying our goodbyes.
The band shall continue under the same name and only the lyrics to the songs shall change, same music you all know and love!
We are in the process of arranging the vocal situation and as soon as we are confirmed to get the ball rolling again with new pictures, new music and by the end of the first quarter maybe even a music video!!
Gigs announced soon.
Thank you for the continued support from you all! Much love.
PC. (Toby, Sam, Alex and Jack)

Image courtesy of the band's facebook page.

Tom Wilkinson performing with the band, November 2011.

Only time will tell who the new vocalist will be, what they will sound like and how it will impact upon the band – both in regards to future songs and those previously released.

Meanwhile, I for one am interested in what is next for Wilkinson. As the band have cited “musical differences” as the only reason for the departure, I can’t help wonder if he will embark on some new musical project in the future. Whether this be a solo endeavour or a brand new band, I am eager to hear more from Wilkinson and see precisely what style of music he wanted to make and how different it is to that of Pretentious Class.

To remember Wilkinson’s time as vocalist for the band, take a listen to the band’s track ‘Pandamonium‘ – a fine example of Wilkinson’s effective vocal drawl.


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