Redwire – ‘Invisible’ Track Review

Picture courtesy of the band's official website.
Despite atmospheric vocals and gripping instrumentation, Redwire fall short on delivering the goods with ‘Invisible’ – the free download available to those who sign up to the band’s mailing list.

The song shows the band trying to move away from their Arctic Monkeys style while still remaining true to their sound. This is most noticeable with frontman Tom Nowakowski, whose vocals on the track only bear subtle resemblance to that of Alex Turner. But sadly, the band aren’t able to pull this off to the best of their ability.

The instrumentation sounds a little strange – combining gentle verses, a tension-building pre-chorus and a messy chorus. While some of the changes between sections fit perfectly, others sound discordant and the chorus just sounds like a band desperately trying (and failing) to write an anthem.

It’s by no means their best work, but after a handful of listens it does manage to worm its way into your brain. Whether that’s a good or a bad thing is debatable.

You can download the track for free by signing up to the Redwire mailing list here.


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