Introducing…Dive Exit

Courtesy of Dive Exit's facebook page.

They hail from Birmingham and have, in little over a year, progressed from being bedroom rockstars to a support act to performers like Missing Andy and Mini Mansions (the side project of Queens Of The Stone Age bassist Michael Shuman). Yes, Dive Exit are definitely a band on the rise: and it’s more than deserved.

The band pride themselves on their ability to craft “very danceable music” for people to enjoy, while still “keeping true to their own style and influences“. These influences range from the Arctic Monkeys and Foo Fighters to Tom Petty but the band find a way to produce a sound that is fresh and lively. Even the briefest of listens to their tracks will show this.

Onstage they have the energy and spirit of their influences, but off stage they are the friendliest and most unassuming guys. Even down to their partiality to tea, which they consider a necessity: “It’d be a bit like Spinal Tap for us. We like to have a beer fridge, but if there’s not a kettle…things have definitely gone wrong.”

The band are currently in the planning stages of recording an album, which they’re hoping to begin work on later this year. But for now take a listen to ‘Lost‘ and get a taste for them.

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