Listen: Fall in love with Seeing Hands

Indie outfit drops delectable slice of dreampop.


As the indie scene slowly transitions from nugaze’s reign of terror to the dawning age of dreampop, it’s essential that the movement is headed up by artists that can package the sound perfectly. Otherwise, we face a descent back into the deathgrips of the isolated miserablism that came before.

Fortunately, Seeing Hands has dropped a transcendental track that makes the transition easy. Love You Still, the outfit’s latest single, features spacious guitars, echoed vocals and hazily loose drums. On the surface, this might sound an awful lot like shoegaze, but the band steer clear of that pitfall. The guitars, while spacious, bear no semblance to the outward chug of shoegaze and the overall tone of the track is optimistically ethereal rather than hauntingly doomed. They are very slight stylistic distinctions but they make Love You Still a defining moment for the genre.

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