Having fun with Fancy Cars

New single from Fancy Cars lets the EDM speak for itself.


EDM is a genre that is plagued by overproduction. Under the false impression that high production values equate to high quality songs, many artists go overboard in the production of their singles to the point that it can overshadow much of the track’s value. This is especially problematic for EDM, a genre that requires a certain amount of tinkering to perfect in the first instance.

So when a track comes along that is sufficiently produced and lets the instrumentation itself be the talking point, it’s worth listening to. Fun, the latest single from Fancy Cars, does just this. The track places heavy emphasis on the vocal deliveries for the most part, balancing an anthemic singalong vibe with the standard EDM manipulation of voice as an instrument.

When the instrumentation does pick up, it’s all for a big chorus drop – one that is impactful but not massive. This isn’t a drop as many artists do them, feeling more like a collapse into catharsis rather than a fissure-creating earthquake. This is a song that, as its title suggests, is more about having fun than delivering the earth-shaking drops and overproduction of its Fancy Cars’ peers – something that makes it much more memorable.

Even better is that you can download it for free from Fancy Cars’ Soundcloud page.

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