Big Mouthe Strikes Again

New single Knives will tear you apart.


It’s always interesting when someone comes to you with a hip hop track that claims to be dark or post-modern, because more often than not it’s nothing more than reverberated trap. It’s with great pleasure, then, that I’m writing about Mouthe’s new single Knives.

The track begins with a Justin Vernon-esque introduction with dub-influenced vocal glitches tittering about. It’s all very reminiscent of 2013’s Yeezus, before opening itself up into much more. The mixture of sounds and influence here is ridiculous – hard industrial drums give way to Oneohtrix Point Never style arpeggios, and Mouthe’s flow oozes over the top. His style is very in line with hip hop’s outsiders, reminiscent of Mc Ride, Captain Murphy while also keeping the deep menace of MF DOOM. If you like your music weird you’ll love this track.

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