Skin & Bones – ‘Pointing & Laughing’ Review

Melody rich and intensely interesting

Skin & BonesFor fans of: The Lumineers; Edwarde Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros; Mumford & Sons

Putting a good spin on the beige age of acousto-pop and the modern hipster folk revival, Skin & Bones’ latest track ‘Pointing & Laughing’ is a track that manages to impress in spite of these roots.

It’s easy to hate acoustic or folk music now. With the likes of Mumford & Sons making it fashionably cool to simultaneously love and hate the genre, any band emerging with a sound like that now has an additional hurdle to overcome: how do you make it interesting?

For ‘Pointing & Laughing’, that comes from a strong sense of pop-tastic melody and a dominating violin section that blurs the lines between harmony and discordance. It sounds strange, but it’s definitely a selling point in this track. It’s not very often you find a track with something about it that makes you stop and wonder “who is this?“, and it’s even more special to find a track like that within this particular genre.

So with a strong chorus hook that holds hints of The Lumineers, a deeply satisfying vocal line and the attention-gripping violin melody, Skin & Bone have got a winner here. It’s modern folk worth listening to.

‘Pointing & Laughing’ is released on September 3. You can check out the band here.


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