Video: Israel Nash – ‘Strangers’

Israel Nash has just released the video for latest track ‘Strangers’, and it’s a great demonstration of how a track and its video can come together to form something hypnotic.

The video itself, to be blunt, is pretty bad. To be kind, it’s not the greatest thing we’ve ever come across. It’s very simple for a lot of it, and even the typeface which occasionally appears to throw sentences at you isn’t quite as modern as it wants to be – the hipster appeal lost in this alone.

Luckily, ‘Strangers’ benefits from a great track soundtracking the video and hypnotising you into watching. The video is acceptably mesmerising, but it’s ultimately the song which fixes you into watching and listening. With it’s winding guitars and Neil Young vocals (there is literally no other way of describing them), all of which build to a trippy pseudo-psychedelic climax, it’s impossible not to be at least a little immersed in this finely crafted world.

So why is this worth sharing? Because it’s a good example of the power of your music itself. While videos are nice, and sure they can work in your favour if you make something artsy or weird enough to become viral, it should be the music that sells the musician’s work. After all, the music is the musician’s work.

You can watch the video and get hypnotised below.

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