Space – ‘Strange World’ Review

Strangely Mariachi, strangely good

Space’s latest track ‘Strange World’ opens as it means to go on; with a peculiar soundscape that is addictively intriguing.

To be fair, peculiar has strangely negative connotations. ‘Strange World’, shortly after its opening rhythms that throw back to an oddly late 80s sound, is a wonderful piece of music that grafts together pop with jazzy influences. It’s this alternative pop charm that will keep you going back to the track for more every time.

Extra praise should be handed to Space for giving such a solid mariachi vibe to their sound without sounding cheesy or novelty. There’s something about ‘Strange World’ that gives off that vibe, probably at least partially attributed to a very nice inclusion of trumpets. We don’t get to hear a lot of non-obnoxious brass in pop-esque music nowadays, it’s refreshing.

Of course, Space themselves have had a long time to hone their craft. But it’s still fantastic knowing that acts like this still exist; that sounds like this still slip through the modern mainstay sounds to break up the monotony. ‘Strange World’ is a great track for returning fans, while also perfectly equipped to grip a few new fans along the way.


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