Stray Echo – ‘Concrete Daydream’ Review

An enjoyable, unpopped pop song

artworks-000126551372-j7p23a-t500x500For fans of: CHVRCHES; Pikachunes; Ian Brown

The second single from Stray Echo, ‘Concrete Daydream’, is a beautiful and expansive piece of electronic ambience.

Beautiful though it is, ‘Concrete Daydream’ is a massive step from what we thought we knew of Stray Echo based on debut single ‘Ground’. Gone is the upbeat energy, replaced instead with a focus on a sound that is like a unpopped pop song.

As it progresses, it’s obvious that this track is intensely hook heavy and coated in pop appeal. But the initial aesthetic doesn’t feel very ‘pop’, and it never really truly does. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, it’s simply strange. ‘Ground’ established that Stray Echo wasn’t afraid to be more experimental in his sound, and here we see that experimentation take a different route.

I suppose it’s comparable to CHVRCHES, how their sound began as a very fierce type of experimental pop and has now watered down a bit. ‘Concrete Daydream’ is less jagged in its sound, more tender and equally as fantastic. If nothing else, it establishes Stray Echo as one to watch for turning out some amazing tracks and hooks in a range of styles – yet all with their own special, signature sound.


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