Flora Cash – ‘This Breeze’ Review

A soothing bi-gender duet

artworks-000124423187-859fgo-t500x500For fans of: The Lumineers; Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros

Alt-folk duo Flora Cash have just released their latest single, the melancholy-infused ‘This Breeze’.

It’s an enjoyably dreamy folk outing, rich in melody and harmony with a very nice duet of male and female vocals that gel perfectly and form a nice tonal contrast while also informing the lyrical narrative. Such a simple thing as a bi-gender vocal makes the track truly worth listening to.

That said, I’m a sucker when it comes to a good duet. But luckily there’s more to ‘This Breeze’ than just the M/F duet. Musically, it’s the right level of understated majesty that allows vocals to take centre stage while also providing a relaxing haze for the listener. It’s where the track gets its dreamy vibes, especially during the slightly progressive sounding bridge that breaks up the track to capture your attention.

But it always feels like there is something else, lying just out of reach of this track. A kind of emotional flurry that never arrives. For all of its good qualities, it can feel like ‘This Breeze’ is building to something that we never quite experience. The chorus is lovely, but it doesn’t fully live up to the tension of the verses. The final chorus deserves more of a release; something more thrown into it.

That’s nothing to get hung up on though. It’s still a fine outing, and one definitely worth listening to if you want a nice chill vibe one afternoon.


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