Video: GHXST – ‘Nowhere’

GHXST’s latest video, for their track ‘Nowhere’, is as low budget as you’d want. It’s a simple sort of no frills, no thrills experience that doesn’t try to muscle in on the music’s impact – and captures the apathetic vibes perfectly.

‘Nowhere’ captures a desert-rock singed sound of muscular noise grunge, fronted with some perfectly disillusioned vocalwork. It’s kind of like Lana Del Rey fronting God Damn. And it’s just the right amount of fuzzy to sound effortlessly cool and stylish.

So the video’s charm lies in its ability to capture and reflect the tone of the vocals. A carelessly carefree delivery, soaked in a heavy “who gives a fuck?” attitude, deserves a video that doesn’t distract from that. In a baron desert landscape, walking around doing nothing in particular – if that doesn’t just scream disenfranchisement, I don’t know what does.


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