TempleVesta – ‘Tempestuous’ Review

Different, strong, and on a whole new level

templevestaFor fans of: Maximo Park; Arctic Monkeys

TempleVesta are a blistering powerhouse of searing alt-rock power. As if their debut single wasn’t enough, they’re now back with second single ‘Tempestuous’ – a song that takes their brand of alt-rock to a whole new level.

The charm of ‘Juvenile’ was in its subdued funk element, which added a hint of intrigue to the alt-rock oriented sound. Interestingly, ‘Tempestuous’ doesn’t touch the funk sound. From start to finish, it’s an alternative sound that is characterised by guitars that burn with intent. But there’s no trace of a sound that sounds charmingly out of place – so what’s the appeal here?

Aside from being a fine alt-rock outing, ‘Tempestuous’ sets itself up as a song set to a different pace. While most alternative may set itself into the high octane, the enduring sound of this track is a breath of fresh air – inhaled slowly. The band realise that intensity and velocity are not the same; ‘Tempestuous’ is an intense track that takes its time and doesn’t rush. And in doing so, it becomes memorable.

Don’t worry if you’re after a speedy rush though – the solo of the track definitely picks up the pace to make things more interesting.

It’s a powerful second offering, mixing up expectations by not sticking too closely to that of ‘Juvenile’. TempleVesta prove that they are capable of offering well thought out, well crafted alternative tracks that could never be mistaken for one and the same.


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