Adam Scott Glasspool – ‘On Dreams’ Review

 A haunting folk dream

On DreamsFor fans of: Broken Anchor; Fragics; Foo Fighters (their gentle stuff); Dear Lara

Adam Scott Glasspool’s debut EP is an example of haunting acoustofolk, with just the right splattering of other instrumentation to stop the release becoming a monotonous and dreary release. As it stands, ‘On Dreams’ is actually mesmerisingly crafted – offering a sound that actually sticks in your head, unlike many other modern folk releases.
‘On Dreams’ is stripped back and folk to its core, with a sweet production that helps it to fill the spaces left empty by a lack of other instruments. And the guitar takes full advantage of the opportunity to swell into this space, with tracks like ‘Seattelite” (which sounds a lot like Johnny Cash’s cover of “If You Could Read My Mind”) showing how – when you’ve got a fragile acoustic line and a tender vocal – unnecessary all other instruments would be.

Move onto ‘It Was Always Too Late’ and we get an electric guitar taking prominence, giving the track that would slot perfectly into the gentler side of Foo Fighters’ ‘In Your Honour’. So it’s not all strictly acoustic, but it’s all very simple: vocals and guitars. That’s it. No complications, no excess of instruments, just absolute melody.

Glasspool’s debut EP is a fantastic start, and it puts him firmly on our dream acoustic tour list alongside Fragics and Dear Lara. Things will only get better for him from here.


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