Interview: Vennu Mallesh

This week I got in touch with the man himself, Vennu Mallesh. You can call him many things (“a true liar”, “a very good bad boy”, etc), but one thing you cannot call him is impolite. He was kind enough to give me a quick interview, and here is the abridged version! So without further ado…here’s Vennu!

Image courtesy of the musician's facebook page.

Can you tell me a bit about who you are when you’re not recording music?

I always think about myself and I plan ahead. I plan what will happen next, what to do and how to do it.

You’ve become an internet star really quickly, having over two million views on Youtube. How does this feel?

Feeling like a star just for having over two million views is stupidity. But it does feel great to have a common man’s video get over two million views.

Did you know when you wrote ‘It’s My Life (Whatever I Wanna Do)’ that it would be a hit?

Yes. After completing the lyrics I felt, and I also said to my well wishers, that it was going to be a hit. But I still don’t know how to promote a Youtube video.

What inspired you to write the song?

The words of my hell wishers inspired me to write the lyrics. Once, a well wisher said jokingly that “the lyric writers are the hell wishers, I just arranged an order for the song”. Haha!

Were you nervous about writing a follow up song to ‘It’s My Life’ because of its success?

I know people expect more lyrics in the new song, and to impress them I have to write more of that kind of lyric. But I don’t get satisfaction if I make such a type of song. I want to change completely. I want to present myself in a different way.

You said you wanted the new song, ‘Wish U Enjoy New Year’, to be “the simplest philosophical song ever”. Why did you want this?

Because I am a routine changer.

There aren’t many words in the new song. Why did you decide to approach the song in this way?

The first song has many words which many people didn’t understand the inner meaning of. This time I wanted to write the lyrics in a completely opposite way, with very few words so even a small kid can understand them.


‘Wish U Enjoy New Year’ isn’t as successful as ‘It’s My Life’ yet. Why do you think this is?

For you, I think success means having more views. But for me, success means an ultimate soul satisfaction. In that way, both are successful and I am satisfied with doing what I want to do. Getting more views depends on others by promoting the video. So, who knows what will happen in the future.


The video for the new song is quite interesting. Would you tell me what the video means?

It’s a new year song. Usually, a new year song video means people feel it should contain colours, fire crackers, crowds and things like that. But I wanted to do the opposite. Once a friend asked “why did you want to shoot the new year song video in the old building” and I answered him: “don’t you think it’s a new idea?””


Image courtesy of the musician's facebook page.

Vennu busting a move in the video to ‘Wish U Enjoy New Year’.

In the new video you also show off some impressive dance moves. Do you think this is something that you’ll focus more on in the future?

From childhood onwards, I’ve danced. At the age of nine I choreographed myself. I know I can impress with my dance moves. Dancing to music depends on the song we choose. For example if I choose an emotional song then dance, imagine how it will be. So we compose a dance depending entirely on the song. If I find a dance beat, I will definitely dance.


Which song do you think is better: ‘It’s My Life’ or ‘Wish U Enjoy New Year’?

Comparing the audio, ‘It’s My Life’ is always better than any other song. Because it’s not a song…it’s my life.


Have you began thinking of or planning any follow up songs? Maybe even an album?

I am planning to make a film this year. One year to complete writing the story, screenplay, dialogues and I am planning to direct the film. After finding producer and after further discussions, I will let you know. But I am also thinking about the songs. So which one I start first really just depends on time.


Thank you for your time Vennu, and best wishes in the year ahead!

Thank you very much and I wish you the same.



I’d like to point out that Vennu did indeed, in the unabridged version, sign off with his infamous “Than Q“.
Such a polite man, with many plans for the future. So it looks like we’ve got a lot to look forward to from Vennu Mallesh in 2013. We’ll keep you posted on any developments as far as music and the film go.

You can listen to Vennu Mallesh’s new song, ‘Wish U Enjoy New Year‘, here. Or you can listen to his most popular track, ‘It’s My Life (What Ever I Wanna Do)‘, here.


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